Same Ole Division Champs


Written by Donald Tolbert

Sheesh!!! We know the Ocean of Soul is the best marching band in H-Tine, but these Vipers came into town and gave them a run for they money. Out the gate they jumped on the Roughnecks defense. Marching down the field repeatedly on what's supposed to beat the heart of this team defense. Until the Roughnecks defense found a beat in the 2nd quarter. Back to back stops with one including a fumble recovery for a TD change the vibe of the game. 

Fresh into the second half the rip six after a turnover of their own gave the Roughnecks the lead and they would not let it go. This defense continues to be a force to be reckoned with. 

Despite the loss of their top play maker the offense is finding a way to plug along. The Roughnecks are right where they left off. In the lead of the division with the opportunity to to compete for a championship. 

The ride is getting ready for takeoff. Let's buckle end and see if the journey can be completed. 

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