Texans use 2-QB rotation to match-up against Cowboys.


The Texans offense was took on a new playbook scheme on Sunday. Both Davis Mills and Jeff Driskel played a significant amount of snaps for the Texans. Driskel and Mills had a tag team type of day. Texans quarterback Driskel guided the Texans to a touchdown drive on Houston's second possession after Mills started the game. In addition, he threw a touchdown pass to Amari Rodgers of 28 yards.

A Hail Mary interception near the end of regulation brought Mills' completion rate to 16-of-25 for 175 yards. In addition to completing four of his six passes for 38 yards and a touchdown, Driskel ran seven times for 36 yards.

"Offensively, we hadn't been able to do an awful lot, lately," Smith said. "Quarterback-wise, we made a change. We were looking for a spark. Early in the week we decided to go with this plan to use Jeff. I thought he did some good things too."

"That was something that we worked on all week," Driskel said. "It was a nice little package for me in there. I was excited to get out there and help the team win."

According to Mills, the Texans rotated quarterbacks for a reason.

"The philosophy was 'just keep mixing up the looks'," Mills said. "When you simplify it, you're just trying to find the way to get the ball to playmakers out in space. Jeff did that in zone-read situations, and it kind of opens things up."

In terms of pass-catchers, the back-and-forth between signal-callers was successful. There were 10 passes caught by wide receiver Chris Moore for a total of 124 yards. There were multiple completions to him from both quarterbacks.

"It was seamless," Moore said. "I felt like we did a good job of practicing it all week. We went out there and executed the gameplan pretty well."

After the game, Lovie Smith wouldn't confirm whether the Texans would continue to use both quarterbacks at their next matchup against the Chiefs. Although the Texans lost 23-27, the rotation of QB's seemed to have an effective edge against the 10-3 Cowboys, who in the previous week blew out the Colts. 

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