The XFL may have to Re-brand again!


The XFL unveiled its new logo a few weeks ago. On Thursday, it was requested to come up with something new. Togethxr sent a cease-and-desist letter to the XFL on Thursday via A.J. Perez of Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird founded Togetherxr, a media and commerce company.

“Togethxr and its co-founders have worked tremendously hard to build a platform that uplifts women in sports and culture,” Togethxr said, via Perez. “We were disheartened to see the announcement of the XFL’s new branding and logo, which has striking similarities to our own. . . . It’s our mission to weave representation and equality into all that we do, which is why we’ve issued a legal notice to the XFL highlighting our concerns. We will continue to protect the important work we’re doing.”

There is a problem with the shape of the X. The two Xs may not be sufficiently similar to cause confusion for reasonable minds. There are some who would say the two X's don't look much alike.

A cease-and-desist letter can also be an effective tool for free publicity, whether the company responding to the letter or issuing it. Some of those who become aware of this dispute may never have heard of Togethxr, for example.

Togethxr has therefore arguably already won the war.

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