Browns and Texans make change to trade deal with Watson


Deshaun Watson was dealt to the Browns by the Texans on Friday for a boatload of draft picks in one of the biggest trades in NFL history. 

According to the Texans, when the deal was announced on Saturday, they were going to walk away with five new draft picks, including three first-rounders. However, by the time the trade was approved by the NFL on Monday, the Browns had actually provided a sweeter deal to the Texans. 

As it turned out, the two sides made some last-minute changes to the trade that clearly benefited the Texans. According to the new - and finalized - terms of the deal, here's how things will work:

Previously, the was..

  • Texans receive: Three first-round picks (2022, 2023, 2024), one third-round pick (2023), one fourth-round pick (2024)
  • Browns receive: Deshaun Watson, 2024 fifth-round pick

The NEW deal is.....

  • Texans receive: Three first-round picks (2022, 2023, 2024), one third-round pick (2023), two fourth-round picks (2022, 2024). 
  • Browns receive: Deshaun Watson, 2024 sixth-round pick

In order to get Watson, the Browns had to offer him the largest guaranteed deal in NFL history. Cleveland has offered the quarterback a five-year, $230 million contract that will be fully guaranteed. This is the most guaranteed paycheck ever given to an NFL player.

The Browns are definitely taking some risks with this deal. There's a chance Watson could be suspended for the 2022 season as he faces 22 civil lawsuits over sexual assaults. Watson's camp seems to expect at least some sort of suspension based on the structure of his contract. This season, he will earn just $1.035 million in base salary, so for each game he misses, he will lose only $57,000.   


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