Stros & Dodger fans brawl in Minute Maid


Minute Maid Park was the scene of an altercation that erupted Wednesday night during the Astros-Dodgers game. It appeared that the incident involved Dodgers and Astros fans who were caught on video.

Although several people attempted to break up the fight, security eventually intervened. Fans of those teams were removed from the stadium. The Houston police have cited three people in connection with fighting in a public space, which is a misdemeanor Class C. Two Astros fans and one Dodgers fan were also banned for a year.

According to a statement released by the Astros organization:

'The Astros maintain a strong fan conduct code prohibiting offensive, vulgar or threatening behavior. Our policy of enforcing our standard of conduct is a constant effort and we will keep doing so. Safety for our fans and employees is a priority - we do not condone any behavior that impacts the fan experience. We are grateful to our security team and our law enforcement partners for their swift response in defusing the situation. The fan experience at Minute Maid Park is among the best in all of baseball. We will strive to ensure that it remains that way for our great fans.”

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