Watson's lawsuit numbers keep rising

16 women have filed lawsuits against Deshaun Watson of varying degrees of sexual assault, putting the Houston Texans quarterback’s future in doubt. Watson denied any wrong doing in a general statement last week. The most eye-opening factor that most have asked is, Why no police reports?.

We live in a Social Media age, where any story can take traction and catch the attention of news media and "Social Media Police" to get answers. So, if Watson did commit these acts, then why wait these length of times. With the NFL stepping in and investigating we will see what type of pressure will take form to determine, IF, Watson did commit these acts, IF the Texans organization is in cohorts with Buzbee to keep Watson here, and IF these are telling the truth.

At this point as each day passes, Watson's value seems to be taking a hit as the number of women who are claiming sexual assault keeps rising. Will another NFL team take a gamble on Watson?

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