Down with the Billshit


Written by Donald Tolbert | SFL Writer

The title says it all. To much fan fare the BOB era or as some may say error has come to an end. You can say the writing was on the wall when he forced Andre Johnson the best player in franchise history, to put on another jersey to play football. The deal was definitely sealed when he shipped arguably the second best player in franchise history away for a bag of socks and three caner store lighters. 

To his credit Bill O'Brien did it his way. He can sleep easy knowing he elevated and sanked on his own merit. By the end of his tenure he held absolute power over player personal and gameday operations. That also may have been the ultimate accelerant to his downfall. It left no one to blame for the teams stature but him. He may have been better served by descenting voices and challenges to his football philosophy. The best players in franchise history were all drafted by a GM that reportedly he butted heads with all the time. Which in hindsight probably extended his tenure. He showed those players no grace in their exit. The fans will show him none now that he has been escorted out on his merit. 

It says a lot that even with no top tier draft picks on the horizon and a 0-4 record there's more excitement and hope around this franchise then there has been for years. As a matter of fact that says it all. Crenel set the tone for the new era in his press conference when asked about he and Deshaun being the first black head coach and quaterback combo in franchise history. He said it wont matter if we don't win. Going forward that's what being a Texan must be all about winning. Winning in this league is not about division championships. Its about winning the league which only one team does every year. So yeah be lite BOB. We'll holla atcha. 

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