One for the road

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

The Texans put on a show in front of the fans before heading to Wisconsin this week to bump
heads with the Packers.

B-Mac set the mood out the gate. Getting the fans fired up for the last public practice before
they hit the road. The roars would continue. Things such as the prescense of legends like Andre
Johnson gracing the field and the connection of Dr. Watson and Octo-hop. JJ aka Watman didn't
disappoint by applying the disruptive pressure we have become accustomed to. You could also
see the DB group taking advantage of the pressure the frontline was providing.

There is a different aura around this team this year. They move different. They believe they have
what it takes to win it all. The sense of angst or worry about competing or what they are lacking
is not present. For better or worst we will find out.

If they get it done it will be without D'onta Foreman who I believed to be the most dynamic back
on the team. This reminds me of the D.J. Swearinger situation. As a coach there has to be an
ability to speak to newer generations. Not everyone is going to come knowing how to listen and
apply or knowing how to take constructive criticism. Not everyone is going to believe in your
vision. You have to convince them that it's at least worth a shot to do so. You cant just disregard
world class talent.

My biggest observation from the practice was this. Either we have beast filled defensive line or
our offensive line is going to struggle again mightily. I know there were missing pieces, but I'm
just saying. Standing out there with the team I thought while the Rockets and the Astros were
bringing in Rockstar talent, the Texans have their own U2's, Aerosmith's and Wu-Tangs residing
within the building. This season will be a must see tour.

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