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Written by: Donald Tolbert

The national media would have you think the Rockets have given it their all and dont stand ac hance against this juggernaut called the Warriors. Must be two series going on.

The bottom line is the refs were not ready for this level of basketball in the first game. In thes econd the the Warriors benefited from 12 minutes of Harden being unavailable. In both gamest he Warriors got 10 plus more possessions due to turnovers. In both games the Rockets loss by 2  possessions.

What happens when the Rockets play a legit good game?

Unfortunately, for the Warriors I believe they are about to find out. They had 3 days to hear abouth how the Warriors are this unstoppable force. 3 days to hear about Harden faking the extent of his injury.

3 days of hearing how they let their opportunity slip away by not winning one of thef first two games in Oakland. It's all been duly noted. The past 3 days I've heard the national media panic. I've heard the local media give up. I've heard the fans shrink in the defeat. This team has no fear and high expectations for themselves. I fully expect tonight to be the beginning of the end of the Warriors reign over the NBA. You heard it here first Rockets win this series 4-2.
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