Peterman WINS the Game for the Texans

Written by: Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger

Well its no denying that the Texans had another close call to either 1). Losing the game or 2). Going into overtime against the Buffalo Bills. But the craziest thing happened. The football GODS played their mighty hands on the Texans defense to pull off regulation win on Sunday against the Bills. Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans advanced to 3-3 Sunday with their 20-13 win over the Buffalo Bills. But let’s be PERFECTLY honest, the shit was ugly.  

Watson was sacked seven times behind the HORRIBLE offensive line we have, with a wild throw interception into the end zone, which seems to be becoming a red flag. Opposing teams watch the tape and know that we have a mediocre O-Line all around so its easy to push and pressure Watson in to making the decision to scramble and find open receivers or run  it, which leads to wild throws or being sacked. I have said this before that Watson can NOT continue to take those sacks or he will be beat and bruised before he hits his prime years. 

With late game play by the defense in the late 4th quarter, the Texans defense stepped up BIG. And I mean REALLY BIIIIIG. With the game being led by the Bills, 13-10 with 2 minutes left, the Texans acquired a Pass interference which placed them at the 1yrd line. O’Brien and the play calling in the RedZone has been VERY unsuccessful and yesterday was no different. Pretty much being given 6pts, the Texans could not score from the goal line, but yet was pushed back 10yrds and ultimately had to kick a field goal to tie the game. 

Here is where it gets tense and where the defense steps up. As it looks with under 2mins left, it seems they will go into overtime. The Bills have the ball with more than enough clock left to make something happen, BUT with no timeouts. As they are no-huddling the calls, Peterman steps back and throws a Pick 6 to Jonathan Joseph which puts the Texans up to 20, (including the extra point). Later throwing another interception to Kareem Jackson, to ultimately seal the game.

The Texans should have blown the Bills out. This game should have been like the Dallas vs Jags score (40-7) type game on Sunday. We cant keep skating by like this and expect to succeed in the Playoffs or let alone make it the Superbowl. We have to TIGHTEN UP, PERIOD! 

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