Parade Bulls on Standby

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

You can smell it in the air. Briskets smoking, hogs roasting and perfectly fermented adult beverages toasting.

 All the studying and pre-test done. It's time to go all in on the plan that's in place for the ultimate goal. Superbowl champions! The 16 plus (hopefully) games campaign begins tomorrow. The rollercoaster is about to descend and we will be full fledge into the ride.

I'm looking forward to seeing the cornerstones of this franchise show up. They are the dynamic duos that have us in what could be mode. Deshaun Watson and Octo-hop. Will the scorch of defenses in their path lead to NFL legend level production. Watt-man and Clowney. Will the destruction of O-lines and QB's lend us another chapter to the Houston Strong mantra? I'm looking forward to the answers to those questions my friends. As I'm sure you are as well.

 At last we are one turn of the calendar day away from the first entrance into the journal of this season. Take note. Eat and sip well my fellow bull lovers. The parade is upon us!


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