Signed: Capela 5yr Deal for $90M

Written by B.Keith "Grizz" Crear | Photographer for SFL

Capella got a contract for five years, no player options, for $80 million guaranteed with $10 million in incentives. 
This is close to what the Rockets originally offered back on July. Capela averaged 13.9 points and 10.8 rebounds a game (with a 24.5 PER) last season, shot 65.2 percent, blocked 1.9 shots a game. He became their third star during the playoffs. A critical defending piece of the puzzle for the Rockets lineup. He defended the paint and protected the rim like a young Hakeem. He blocked more shots than a young female during spring break. 
Capella held the trade and left with the tough choice of taking the Rockets offer or taking another offer somewhere else.  
Now with him back on board, the Rockets remain one of the few teams that could be a potential problem to Golden State with the potential addition of Carmello in the line-up. The Rockets now may be title contenders in the West. Let's just hope that with all the "Super Team'ing" goin on, that the Rockets out-smart and out-run teams in the West. 

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