Rockets Take Game 2 of WCF

In Game 1 of the WCF, the Rockets tried to play like The Warriors and ultimately lost. During that game Curry was off to say the least to still result in a 13pt loss against Golden State. 

Some would say that there are a lot of mismatches between the teams, BUT that is far from the truth. I think the GREATEST match-up is watching Durant and Harding battle it out on the hardwood. 

During game the Rockets were trying to play, shoot and run the floor like Golden State. Unlike in game 2, the Rockets played their style of basketball and won. If they continue to play "THEIR" basketball they can take the Western Conference Finals. But that is contingent on everybody playing their role on the court.

The Rockets targeted Curry on 23 possessions in Game 2, the most he has been targeted in a game this postseason, as they routed the Golden State Warriors127-105 on Wednesday night to even the series at one game apiece. He was the primary defender on 20 plays in Game 1.

James Harden and Chris Paul are consistently calling for screens from the teammate Curry is guarding to get the two-time MVP to switch onto them. Once Curry switches to the primary ball handler, the Rockets attempt to penetrate to the basket.

Houston shot 7-of-15 from the field on those 23 possessions Curry was the primary defender. Curry was beat off the dribble frequently and too often allowed Harden to drive to his stronger left side. We will just have to see how the gameplay is in game 3 in Oakland.  We play on their court and now we have to step it up a notch to bring out the W's. 

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