Unfinished Business


Photo credit: B. Keith Crear | SFL

Written by Donald Tolbert

The Roughnecks have dominated this league since its inception. This game marked the start of the journey to put some jewelry in behind it. You know HTOWN, we love us some jewelry. We will try to put diamonds and gold on pretty much anything. 

The year was a rocky one for the Roughnecks. It started like a sprint with keeping the undefeated streak alive out the gate. Then injuries and lack of execution played its role in a franchise first losing streak. Still the good will the franchise gained with the fans was still evident throughout the season. That made the playoff game a giant opportunity for the Roughnecks. 

To build on the good will garnered and sustained throughout the two seasons, the Roughnecks needed this win as a franchise. Houston is not a frontrunners town, but if you ain't winning they aren't showing up. There are to many other things in the city to spend money on for a great time. So the fans here are not into riding a sinking ship. 

Now, the Roughnecks are far from a sinking ship. I just think they missed an opportunity to expedite the grassroots excitement behind the franchise with a playoff win and shot at the championship under there belt. They are arguably playing in the same stadium as there closet competition. They can probably give the best insight into trying to rebuild a fanbase in this city. 

However you slice it, the foundation has been laid and the Roughnecks have to continue to build on it. This season was not a total loss and after some reflection I'm sure the support the team received will be promising for the future. Until the Rig fires up again. Cheers to a great off season for the Roughnecks. 

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