Game 6: Astros under pressure for World Series Title

As the matchup shifts to Minute Maid Park, the Atlanta Braves are one victory away from clinching a first championship in 26 years, but they must overcome an amplified Houston Astros team with home advantage. With the last two games planted in Houston, the Atlanta Braves not only has to beat the Stros, but they will have to defeat the fans of Minute Maid Park. 

The Astros are not in the clear. They are still a game behind and if they lose tonight, that's all she wrote folks. The Stros have to come out pitching and bats swangin (yes, swangin) like a slab-line on a summer day cruising the seawall.

A resurgent Astros offense saw Dusty Baker's team roar back to win 9-5 and extend the series after the Braves appeared to be on their way to their first championship since 1995 in Game 5 on this past Sunday. Disappointed Braves fans were hoping for closeout of the series but have to wait to see if the momentum of Houston will continue at home in Minute Maid Park for Game 6.

    The Astros are two games away from snagging another World Series. If they win tonight, then Game 7 will be on Wednesday. Another ring in the city from the Astros would be a highlight of 2021 in Houston sports, despite the cheating scandal that still looms over the club.  

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