Rockets get passed the Thunder

Written by B. Keith Crear | SFL Photographer & Writer

In Game 7, that reminded me of watching the season 1 finale episode of Stranger Things, in the final seconds, the biggest play that left the bubble stunned, ended the series with a defensive play from whom critics say is mostly, ONLY offensive.

Harden made up for an absolutely horrible shooting night with a big blocked shot, Russell Westbrook dropped 20 spot against his former team and the Rockets managed to come out on top against the Thunder, 104-102 on Wednesday night to win the first-round series.

“It was one of those nights offensively so I just wanted to change the game defensively and I think I did that,” Harden said.

The Rockets pulled out an intense and unbelievable final game win of the first round that could have went the other way in favor of the Thunder easily. 

“I've been around a long time and just at the end it was a little crazy,” Houston coach Mike D'Antoni said.

In the end, Houston came out on top to make it to the second-round matchup with Bron Bron and the Lakers. Despite the OBVIOUS size match-up, both teams offer a solid competitive edge in their own right. Of course, Bron and the Lakers have the body and size BUT the Rockets have the speed. The first game is tonight, September 4th of the second round playoffs of the West. 

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