Rednation Reboot

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

For a brief moment we could feel a Rednation celebration pending. Though when it came down
simpley who wanted it more. That feeling faded.

Many have taken the lost to the Warriors as a chance to reload on all the so called things wrong
with the Rockets. The style of play is only made for the regular season. Chris Paul has got old
overnight. Harden is not a killer. Capela is a liability and has a blonde streak in his hair. Blah blah
blah. I have heard it all. After watching 82 games and 2 playoff series, to me it came down to 1
thing. These Rockets didnt want it as much as the Warriors did.

It seemed as if they felt it was just there time to beat the Warriors. Like they didnt have to go out
and actually execute. Also for the first time in the past two years, they felt something they hadn't
when KD went out in game five. That feeling was they were expected to beat the Warriors. They
had been the underdog just as the rest of the NBA, and they didnt wear the frontrunner suite well
at all. It was if they kept expecting a moment to come vs creating their own moments. Personal
changes don't often rectify mentality issues. Especially if it doesn't change the number one or
two stars on your team. This is going to require a look inward by all the leaders on this team.
Tilmann Fertitta has showed you were his head is, but starting with coach D'Antoni, Harden, and
Paul. They all have to find something else to give to this team. Not to say they didnt give all they
had this year. It wasnt enough though, so you have to find something else to give.

Like it or not they will all be back. I mean unless you getting KD or AD, what's the point of
shipping primary players out. Morey has proven to be role player acquiring magician. Lets
remember we didn't add Chris Paul to a 60 plus win team, he helped make the Rockets a 60 plus
win team. I think giving him and James Harden a three year run is the least you can do. The more
prominent questions are what will Clint Capela's progressions look like this offseason, and how
will it impact the team as a whole. What will be done to keep the key contributors like Rivers,
House, and other bench cohorts that will be key to the continued success.

I do think one thing is a given, the next season if it starts without any big changes, will be the last
shot for D'Antoni, Harden, and Paul to win one together. I dont even believe a finals appearance
would be good enough to keep them all together. I also think it's a given that Harden is the only
one guaranteed to survive that outcome.

All that said. A reboot is required. Rednation will have to reset our expectations and hopes to the
prequel of this season, and wait to be proven right to believe in this team again. Until then my
Rednation family we wait to ride again.
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