Sports Fusions 5 Finesser's Texans vs Jaguars

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

1. Halt the kitty cat. The run must be stopped. This game has to be put on the shoulders of Bortles.

2. Rumble young bulls. We must see a reemergence of the run game. Miller, Foreman, and Blue must perform like the best three piece since Frenchys Chicken.

 3. No daggers allowed. The big play has to be non existent today. That has been the mental and physical collapse of this team over the past few weeks.

 4. Complementary Sunday Execution on all three phases equals a blowout on the way to the playoffs. That's the tone needed for this team amidst the turbulence of the past few weeks.

 5. Success from the dress. I'm not going to clown Octo Hop for his pre game attire. I recall a snakeskin short set leading to a 50pt triple double. With that being said. Looking for a big day from DHopkins.

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