Rockets Crash Land to lose Series

Last night's game was disappointing. It was an EXACT replay of game 6. The Rockets came out in the first half BALLIN'. They are attacking the rim, showing great ball movement, spreading the floor and at the Half, held the Warriors to an 11pt deficit.

The second half, start of the 3rd it's like the team was still in the locker room celebrating the first half. I just don't get it.

Reviewing quarters 1 & 2, the Rockets were dominating.  They were spreading the floor, running the isolating, crashing boards & blocking shots. When you look at it, they were playing "Rockets" basketball. The ally assists to Capella from Harden were on point to what we all wanted to see.  Rednation was blasting off. They had Thompson to 3 fouls by the second quarter, Gordon was on beast mode running and leading the floor. The team was attaching the rim, dropping 3's and then....POOF, it all disappears in the 2nd half.

I don't know if it's a system thing, a coach thing, or an ego star player thing, but the problems need to get fixed. Yes, there were some calls not being made the refs, BUT, despite the bad calls in the first half the Rockets were up by 11pts. Hell, they had a lead of about 15 at one point.

Coming into the second half, the Rockets automatically went to a different style game play. They stopped attacking the rim, they held back on defense a little bit. It wasn't the same first half aggression. Even with the absence of Chris Paul, the Rockets STILL had a fighting chance to take the West. When you stop working the floor and getting the team involved, you will lose EVERY TIME.

Ariza was ice cold, I mean super cold like, -12 below 0 eating ice cream in the middle of the snow, ICE COLD. The 3 pointers were not falling, and the Rockets kept putting them up to the lieu of 44 attempts with 27 missed shots in a row. I mean good GOD, when do you realize that the outside shot is not working and go back to attacking the paint. The momentum shift was the exact as game 6.

I said this at the top of the series. If you attack the Warriors head on, and everybody is in-sync playing their position, you have a fighting chance to beat Golden State. You can't let Curry, Durant and Thompson get warmed up because they will drop an immaculate amount of buckets from beyond the arc. When you let Golden State grasp the momentum, it's hard getting it back. So now we will see how the Rockets will stack up for the next season because lord knows, WE don't want to hold the title of "Choke City" again.

Now we are stuck with yet ANOTHER, Warriors & Cavs Finals........looonnnnnggg Sigh!

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