Texans Beat Bengals 13-9 on TNF

On the premiere of Thursday Night Football, the Houston Texans squared off against the Cinncinatti Bengals. Despite the slow game play against a lackluster defense, the Texans came out with a "W".
Deshaun Watson made his premiere as a starter for the Texans and looked pretty good. But the question stills remains, Does or will he "Fit" into O'Brien's offense. Even though Obrien has brought a slew QB's to the Texans, none have seem to get the job done or have had a O-Line to allow them to do so. You be the judge.

At start of gameplay, Watson seemed a little nervous. A few rusty pass plays of incompletions, showed that this is not college ball for the rookie. He made a few few solid first down completions to Hopkins to keep the ball movement against the Bengals through out the game. Miller rush for about 61yards for a solid ground attack. BUT The biggest moment of the night was when Watson had a 49yd scramble to put 6pts on the board for the Texans.

Now, the team has never had a QB to EVER scramble and be able to move out of the pocket before. So to see this was definitely different from a fans perspective and Im pretty sure for O'Brien considering where he came from (New England). Now we all know O'Brien wants to duplicate New England's system, hell who doesnt, but can it be done with a mobile QB is the question.

Even though the Texans defense suffered a blow with the 10 game suspension of Cushing, the defense looked alot better than the previous game against the Jags. But still we are talking about the Bengals, a low todem pole team who has had some average and horrible seasons that seem to get their by "luck". All in all there is still some work that needs to be done by the Texans on both sides of the bal. The offenseive line needs to hold its position alot longer to give Watson or Savage time to make sound decisions on passing. The defense needs to apply more even pressure on the QB from all angles at sparingly different times so that the opposing QB doesnt know where the rush is coming from. It seemed this game was more so a defensive due to the low scoring with the Texans taking the win 13-9 over the Bengals.

The TRUE test is next week when the Texans face off against New England Patriots.

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