JJ Watt joins the Cardinals


Written by B. Keith Crear III | SFL Photo-Journalist

It seems the needle has reached the end of the record and the tone arm has lifted for new era to be put on the record player. Earlier last month (February 2021), The Houston Texans released JJ Watt and the million dollar question was, Where does JJ go? 

Quickly the internet started to make suggestions, and the primary team was the Pittsburg Steelers. It seemed Pitts was the obvious choice because he would join his brothers, TJ & Derek. Another choice was that he would go to the Green Bay Packers, his hometown. So, as the news broke this morning that JJ was going to play with the Cardinals, it came as surprise left hook. Not in a bad way, BECAUSE he will now re-join his fellow and former Texans team mate, Deandre Hopkins. 

Watt was the Captain of the Texans, and had built great relationships with the squad while he was there. So, seeing him leave Houston, was a somber BUT refreshing moment. Considering that Watt became the face of the organization, a pinnacle figure for the city of Houston and played all 10 seasons with Houston, fans all alike feel he deserves a ring, at which many felt that he wouldn't get here in Houston. The undisclosed deal reported by Adam Schefter is that the Cardinal are droppin a 2year $31 million deal with $23 million guaranteed.  

JJ posted the above pic on his Twitter and Facebook early this morning that read, "Source: Me", which started the talks if Arizona will make the playoffs with the addition of Watt on the Cardinal defense. Another speculation is if the Arizona will make plays for other Texans players with JJ and D-Hop teaming back up? 

Do you think the Cardinals will sign more Texans players?

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