Cut, Edit, Re-Shoot

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

Were back at it again. Same movie, but this has to be a new scene. After re watching last week's game. The biggest thing that stood out was the coaching.

Bill O'Brien failed his team with his play calling, in game decisions (challenges), and once again clock management. This team has to much talent for that to be the case. So as much of today will be about the players bouncing back. It will be about a coach taking the reigns of a winner as this is not an expansion team looking to compete.

This is a stocked franchise looking to be lead to the promise land. The Titans are the type of carpet you want to land on when you fall out of the bed. They have some key injuries on the the offensive line that should allow the Texans defensive line to give Mariota that work. A rookie head coach that our staff is very familiar with and the defense that allowed Watson to drop a 50 sammich on them last year. Let's get up off our a** and get this season headed in the real direction. If not pretty soon conversations around this team are going to change. From optimism to HR postings.

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