Playtime, NO MORE

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

The clock has ran out on prep time. Though I'm sure players would disagree, from this moment forward it all counts. It's like the difference between prepping for a job interview and preparing to go to work and do your job.

In the latter scenario you have people depending on you. Your failure has repercussions for the organization and its supporters. It could affect yours and those supporters lively hood. Yet yes here we are again willingly ready to support and depend on the players that will make up the Houston Texans roster this season.

We are believers! We have closely watched the work and effort it has required to get to the point where you make this team. The roster cuts will put player prospects on the streets that will contribute to an NFL team this year. These cuts will be difficult, and the action on the field against the "Crygirls" excuse me I mean Cowboys did not make it easier.

 Tis the new era and next chapter of our Houston Texans. It includes household name, superstars, and yes a franchise QB. Buckle up and enjoy, your "fanmanship" deserves the promises of this years team.

Go Texans! Oh yeah, The Cowboys are trash!!!

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