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Rockets vs Warriors

We’ve been waiting a year for the Warriors to play the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals, so what were another few days?
Well, to start, interminable. At least to us regular folks who don’t actually have to play in Game 1.
But that tedious, overlong, incessant six-day gap between the end of the teams’ last series and the start of the megaseries in Houston Monday night provided the Warriors and Rockets — you know, those guys who are actually participating — some time to heal, some time to plan, and some time to create some bulletin board material.
In January, Rockets center Clint Capela said that he believed the Rockets — who ended up winning 65 games and home-court advantage throughout the playoffs — were better than the Warriors.
“We’re confident because we know if we’re doing what we’re supposed to do, we’re going to beat them,” Capela told ESPN. “We are better than them.”
The comments made some waves then, and the quote has gotten some new run over this period where we all had to watch baseball or the hockey playoffs or golf. Capela, unsurprisingly, doubled down after the Rockets’ practice Sunday:
“I believe we have a team ......................
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