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Saint Didnt Come Marching

For the second week in a row the Saints were blown out. Again, like last week, the final score didn’t look as bad as it actually was. For the second week in a row the Saints gave up 500+ yards of offense and allowed a quarterback rating nearing the perfect range.
Probably the most telling stat of the game was the Patriots’ 50% 3rd down conversion rate. The Saints defense just wasn’t able to get off the field. Even on 3rd and long they kept coming up short. Blown coverages and the inability to get to the quarterback to disrupt any rhythm. It seems like we’ve been here before.
The Saints, once again, were unable to generate any semblance of a running game. Half of their yards came by way of Mark Ingram on a meaningless, last-minute drive.
If you have Drew Brees on your fantasy team, once again he picked up decent stats playing catch-up. He finished the day going 27 of 45 for 356 yards and 2 TDs. And it still wasn’t ever even close.
It’s worth noting that the best rushing performance of the game came from Patriots running back Mike Gillislee. A player the Patriots picked up off waivers prior to Week 1. He was headed for a practice squad. Yet the Saints defense allowed him to pick up 69 yards on 18 rushes and a touchdown.
The Saints schedule really doesn’t look much better until the Bears come to town in October. And the way the team is playing at this point, that one isn’t a sure bet either. Not by a long shot.
The Saints offense may improve when Terron Armstead and Zach Strief come off of injuries. But the defense has no players waiting in the wings. This is what the Saints have for this season. Any fixes that were discussed in the lead up to this game were obviously insufficient.

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