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The Little Moon Man

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger  

There's another head to be added to the Houston sports Mount Rushmore. The only question
is he the greatest of all time in Houston sports. Altuve did it again with the weight of the hopes
of the 4th largest city in America on his shoulders. Like it was light work. 2 outs in the bottom
of the 9th. No problem. Best closer in the game on the mound. No problem. Trip to the World
Series on the line. No problem. Hope on my shoulders and its lift off time baby.

Altuve said it best. So much of the credit goes to his teammates. But there is no doubt the role
he has played in the success of it all is unmatched. He's seen the dog days of this organization.
He knows what 100 losses feels like. He remembers when you couldn't give away a ticket
to watch the Astros. He's also seen the resilience of this city and the true oneness of this
community in good and bad times. He embodies Houston to the T. Underrated and unbothered
by the outside opinions. Put in the work. That's all we know.

The baseball juju is live in effect. The Yankee fans shouted F*** Altuve and tickled themselves on
Friday. Altuve showed the Yankee's fans what it feels like to be invited over, bent over and given a
good sticking. Then politely told that was fun I got you a uber on the way.

The Astros are in the World Series again. This time the Championship train runs through
Houston. With the belief that there's only one stop for the trophy and that's right next to the one
from 2017. This will be one for the ages.

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