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Walking in Memphis

Written by: B. Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger 

After being released and banned from the CFL, Johnny Football aka Johnny Manziel has found a new job and career in the AAF. He will be suiting up as a Memphis Express quarterback.

In the press conference, he stated,

“I guess I’ve just changed the way I used to live life,” the former Heisman winner said. “I got immersed and lost in a bunch of things that only gave me temporary happiness. (Now) I started focusing on things I really care about: family, football, trying to better my life and have a routine that makes things work and not one that makes things break like they did a couple years ago.”

Coach Mike Singletary said he is keeping his expectations for Manziel in check. Let's just hope Manziel has ran through the course of his shenanigans.

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