Rust or Dust?

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

Was yesterday's game the result of rust from players who are coming off injuries, who also lacked playing time in the preseason as well? Or was this just a fresh batch of dust shaken off the same players and coaching staff that has set this precedent? I know we all had that I've seen this movie before feeling throughout today's game. I do go with the former though.

Watson looked a step behind all day. Watt-man was just another player in a jersey until the second half. The same goes for Clowney except he looked that way the entire game. We saw uncharacteristic drops by Octo-hop also. Despite it all, we lost by 7 with the ball in our hands on the last drive. We basically gave them 7 on the first offensive play with a fumble on a hand off between Watson and Miller. Today's showing was just a bad game. Primarily on the offensive side of the ball.

The defense had a solid day and definitely did enough for us to win for what's expected of this offense. That points directly back to the head coach. Remem‐ ber the Texans have no OC. Bill O'Brien calls the plays. So when you question the hand off on second and 23 in the first half when your trying to keep the ball out of Bradys hand before the half or the punt in the 4th qtr with 4min left in the game down by 14. Those are his calls.

Again his in game situation management has come under fire. Those are the things that seem like the same movie we've seen before This is the same cast however, this is a new rendition. Today was about the machine recalibrating. No goals or hopes were crushed today. This is your parents telling you " I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed. I expect better of you." I believe much better we shall get. The Texans will have to have a talk with the Astros about how to get things done in Boston. For now its bring on the Titans!

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