Battle of the QBs

Written by: Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger

If you watched Monday Night Football, this past Monday, then you witness an Attack fro Attack gameplay against the Buccs & Steelers. Despite his 3 interceptions and Pick 6, Fitzpatrick aka “FitzMagic” had an awesome game, throwing for 400 yards. Now, you will look at the 14 year veteran and think that Tampa Bay has a great veteran QB with a strong offensive line, WRONG. Here is the dilemma. The No.1 overall draft pick Jameis Winston is back after his 3 game suspension we reported on earlier this year.

Typically most back-ups are average compared to their starting counter-parts and teams are down in the dumps rather they mention or not, to have to rely on a 2nd or 3rd string QB to come in a game. But Fitzpatrick has proven otherwise, to the point he has made himself a marketable QB. Fans are in the stands wearing faux beards and has coined Ryan as “FitzMagic”.

So the question Tamp asks themselves is this, Do you bench the magic? or Start Winston? Do you disrupt a good thing? I mean Fitzpatrick nearly won the game coming back from a 14pt deficit after the half to fall short of a field goal. Head coach Dirk Koetter spoke with both players on Tuesday. He’s not revealing what’s next at the Bucs’ starting QB spot, citing a competitive advantage, but it’s not a leap of imagination to believe he’ll roll with the scorching vet on a short week with Khalil Mack waiting in Chicago. “We do have a plan,” Koetter said Tuesday, “and both guys are aware of it.” The best-case scenario is a transition back to Winston can be made without sacrificing the season. Winston is ideally closing QB, but that scenario could lead to a brutal outcome if Winston lacks that FitzMagic.

Decisions Decisions. Lets see how this plays out.

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