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Game 7 | Rockets NEED Premium Jet Fuel

Today is "THE" day for the Rockets. They either put up or stay in the locker room. After the disappointing loss in game 6 on Saturday, the Rockets NEED to make sure they have the boosters on high maximum from the launchpad (Tip-Off).

It seems that the absence of Chris Paul proved to be detrimental to the team. Considering the past 3 games, prior to the injury, Paul carried the team with the playing absence of Harden.

I think one of the main issues that Rockets are facing is effective isolation. Its like they feed to ball to Harden and then stand pillar waiting for him to clear out the lane and attempt to embarrass his opponent. I have said this before, the Rockets need to play Rocket ball and get everybody involved. Harden NEEDS to be MVP Harden. Its not safe to say that Paul will return because of the importance of the game BUT, Im pretty sure he will be ready to check in. If the Rockets want to win tonight and go to the big dance, Gordon needs to be ready to take the 3 pointer, Capella has to continue blocking shots on defense, and Big Tuck has to keep being aggressive with Draymond. Lets hope the squad is all in-sync so we can go back to the Championship after 20yrs of a Rockets appearance. Tonights game is at The Toyota Center. A "W" tonight will have H-Town in party mode....So be Ready!

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